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Version 0.9.x

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Getting Started

Learn about Zowe architecture and components; read about what’s new and changed in the Release Notes.

User Guide

Find out how to install, configure, and use Zowe Application Framework, explorer server, API Mediation Layer, and Zowe CLI.


Learn about onboarding your products. Developers can follow tutorials that teach how to build and extend Zowe components.


Get troubleshooting tips and answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Learn about how you can contribute to this documentation.

Getting Help

Visit Zowe.org where you can experience our beta application and join Zowe communities.

Supported Doc Versions and Downloadable PDF Files

This website contains documentation for the six Zowe Open Beta releases.

Latest version

The latest version is 0.9.5. You can download the Version 0.9.5 documentation as a PDF file.

Download V0.9.5 PDF

Previous versions

You can download the User Guide of a previous Open Beta version as a PDF file.